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Chancellor’s cost of living measures “avert the darkest of outcomes”

Posted on 26th May 2022
National Energy Action (NEA) chief executive Adam Scorer responds to the Chancellor’s cost of living and energy crisis measures.
Nation / Region: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, UK, Wales,
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Tags: Energy Costs, Energy Efficiency, Fuel Poverty, Policy

Senedd committee publishes findings from its fuel poverty inquiry

Posted on 18th May 2022
A report has been published on 18 May by the Senedd’s Equality and Social Justice Committee following its inquiry into fuel poverty and the Warm Homes Programme.
Nation / Region: Wales, Welsh, Cymru, Mid Wales, North Wales, South East Wales
Content Type: News

Poorest households are struggling to get the £150 council tax energy rebate

Posted on 17th May 2022
The rebate was brought in to help householders with soaring energy bills, but National Energy Action (NEA) warns that millions of pounds are yet to be claimed.
Nation / Region: England, Wales,
Content Type: News
Tags: Energy crisis
Donate your energy rebate
Donate your energy rebate
Post on 26th May 2022
If you don’t need your £400 energy rebate and can stay warm without out please consider donating some of it to National Energy Action
Nation / Region: England , UK , Wales
Content Type:Campaigns
Fuel Poverty
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Warm Homes Week 2021
Warm Homes Week 2021
Post on 19th Aug 2021
This year NEA is celebrating our 40-year anniversary and we want to spend this milestone by bringing together our supporters across the whole of the UK, surpassing last year’s event and crucially investigating new opportunities to work together to end fuel poverty.
Nation / Region: England , Northern Ireland , UK , Wales
Content Type:Campaigns
Advice Delivery, BEIS, Campaigns, Cold Homes, Consumer Protection, Debt, Energy Advice, Energy Efficiency, Excess winter death, Health, Housing, Inequality, Vulnerability
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Fuel Poverty Awareness Day
Fuel Poverty Awareness Day
Post on 10th Aug 2021
This Fuel Poverty Awareness Day we will be doing all we can to raise awareness of the problem, call for greater action, and highlight the existing help and support available.
Nation / Region: England , Northern Ireland , Wales
Content Type:Campaigns
Advice, Advice Delivery, Campaigns, Cold Homes, COVID-19, Energy Advice, Energy Costs, Energy Efficiency, Excess winter death, Fuel Debt, Fuel Poverty, Fuel Poverty and Health
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