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NEA response to BEIS call for evidence: Future Support for Low Carbon Heat
Post on 17th Nov 2020
NEA has four main recommendations for BEIS in their work to replace the RHI with a new mechanism after it ends in 2022.
Nation / Region: England
Content Type:Publications
Carbon Emissions, Consultation, Low Carbon
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NEA response to HMT/HMRCs Consultation “Carbon Emissions Tax”
Post on 06th Oct 2020
NEA continues to support the agenda to eliminate the UK’s contribution to climate change by 2050 and appreciates that carbon pricing is a significant policy lever to meet this target. However, as the Government is considering the future of carbon pricing as the UK leaves the European we believe that there is an opportunity to ensure that future carbon pricing leads to fairer outcomes for domestic energy consumers and critically supports other cost effective and sustainable way to address these issues.
Nation / Region: England
Content Type:Publications
Carbon Emissions, Consultation
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Heat Decarbonisation: Potential impacts on social equity and fuel poverty
Post on 16th Sep 2017
NEA commissioned this report to help stimulate debate on the policy options we must consider as we seek to decarbonise heat alongside delivering fuel poverty strategies across the UK. It helpfully draws out some of the tensions and challenges we face in changing the way in which we heat our homes, and the authors help us to consider the cost implications and distributional impacts of different funding mechanisms.
Nation / Region: England , Northern Ireland , Scotland , UK , Wales
Content Type:Publications
Carbon Emissions, Decarbonisation, Research
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