Modular energy awareness and fuel poverty

This course is aimed at individuals who are not directly involved in an advisory role on the subject of energy efficiency. Four target audiences have been identified – charities, housing organisations, health organisations and community organisations. Organisations can select from the modules listed to build a course which is suitable for them.

Course outline
1 Fuel poverty 20 minutes
2 Fuel poverty and links to health 45 minutes
3 Energy Company Obligation and other forms of assistance 30 minutes
4 Heat loss in dwellings 50 minutes
5 Improving dwellings through insulation 50 minutes
6 Heating and hot water appliances 60 minutes
7 Heating and hot water systems 45 minutes
8 Heating and hot water controls 60 minutes
9 Electricity consumption and costs 45 minutes
10 Gas consumption and costs 45 minutes
11 Heat cost tables 40 minutes
  • Minimum of half-day (3 hours)
Course dates/locations
  • This course can be delivered in-house to organisations wishing to train a group of staff.
Fees, further details and bookings

Please contact Lynsey Thompson or call 0191 261 5677.

Published on 06-06-2017
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