Introduction to fuel poverty and fuel debt

This course is designed for frontline staff to give them a clear understanding of the causes and impacts of fuel poverty and fuel debt. It will identify help and assistance available to those struggling to pay their fuel bills.

Course outline

This training will enable you to identify:

  • what are the causes and impacts of fuel poverty and fuel debt
  • who is at risk
  • what are the causes and remedies for condensation dampness
  • which payment options, grants and schemes are available to help improve energy efficiency, reduce fuel bills and tackle fuel debt
  • where you can signpost low-income and vulnerable households for further assistance

Who is it for?

Anyone who comes into contact with low-income and fuel poor residents in Cardiff, offering advice, support or information to people in need. This could include, for example, support workers, health visitors, money advisors, local authority and housing association officers.


Half-Day (3 hours)

Course dates / locations

This course can be delivered in-house to organisations wishing to train a group of staff and/or volunteers.


Please contact Lynsey Thompson for details

Further details and bookings 

E: Lynsey Thompson
T: 0191 2615677

Published on 14-07-2016
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