Energy champions in social housing

This half-day course is designed to equip tenants with the knowledge to become Energy Champions. In their role as Energy Champions they will be able to offer other tenants basic advice regarding energy use in the home and signpost tenants to the help offered by their housing association or provider.
Course outline
  • Understand fuel poverty and the health implications of living in cold and damp homes
  • Identify those who may be at risk from fuel poverty or living in a cold and damp home
  • Read gas and electricity meters
  • Explain gas bills, electricity bills and annual statements
  • Understand basic heating controls
  • Identify top tips for reducing energy use in the home
  • Explain the causes and remedies for condensation dampness
  • Give meaningful energy efficiency advice

The course includes role-play exercises and setting a mechanical programmer for heating and hot water. The content of the course can also be tailored to meet the needs of the housing association or provider.


The time can be tailored to meet the needs of the group but we would suggest a minimum of three hours and a maximum of five.

Course dates / locations

This course is currently only offered on an in-house basis to organisations looking to train a number of staff (maximum of 15 per course).


Contact Lynsey Thompson for more details.

Published on 17-08-2015
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