Assessing for excess cold using the Housing Health and Safety Rating system

CPD-Logo1This course is based around the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health guidance on excess cold. It has been developed to assist Environmental Health Officers to identify and deal with excess cold hazards and enable officers to use regulatory powers effectively to improve the health of residents living in cold homes, especially the vulnerable. It can be adapted to provide training to Landlords’ Forums especially as part of an Accredited Landlord Scheme.

It aims to improve or refresh knowledge of the assessment of the excess cold hazard and suggest an enforcement approach and assitve alternatives. It will highlight a range of measures that councils could reasonably require in enforcing improvements and enable practitioners to provide a more standardised approach when assessing for excess cold hazards.

Additionally, the course will provide an introduction to fuel poverty, energy efficiency and health issues associated with cold homes and provide practical, alternative ways to assist tenants and landlords.

Course outline
  • Why excess cold?
  • Assessing for excess cold hazards
  • Standard assessment procedure
  • Deficiencies
  • Enforcement options and levels of appropriate action
  • Remedial measures/works
  • Specifying works and alternatives including grants and other help for tenants and landlords
  • Legislation affecting landlords
  • Energy efficiency and fuel poverty
  • Health issues of cold homes
  • Alternative evidence to present to tribunals
  • Workshop focusing on tribunal decisions

The training will provide opportunities for participants to discuss current/past cases with colleagues and a workshop focusing on Residential Property Tribunal decisions.


The time can be tailored to meet the needs of the group; however we would suggest a minimum of half a day (three hours) and a maximum of one day (five hours).

Course dates and locations

This course can be delivered in-house to organisations wishing to train a group of staff.

Fees (per course)

Please contact Lynsey Thompson for details.

Further information & bookings

E: Lynsey Thompson
T: (0191) 2615677

Published on 15-03-2016
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