NEA and You

NEA works extensively with the private sector, particularly within the domestic energy industry and offers a variety of opportunities to develop partnerships that will have a significant impact.

By working in partnership, your business can assist NEA to:

  • Pilot new innovative approaches to tackling fuel poverty through local demonstration project
  • Promote the benefits of energy efficiency through regional and national events, publications and major campaign
  • Research, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of initiatives to tackle fuel poverty.

By working in collaboration with NEA your business will have access to a range of unique benefits. As a sponsor of our work your company logo will feature on associated publications and the NEA website. Your business will have the chance to be represented at major national and regional events and you will have the opportunity to network with representatives from local and central government, other private sector companies and voluntary groups. You will also have the opportunity to share your company’s aims and objectives with a new audience of stakeholders.

If you have a partnership idea you would like to discuss, or for further details of how we could work together and how you can help support NEA, please contact a member of the Business and Partnerships Team:

Jen Carruthers Jones, Business Growth and Partnerships Manager

Nicola Jeavons, Tenders and Contracts Manager

Helen Coates, Business and Partnerships Officer

Alice Dalgleish, Business and Partnerships Officer

Joe Vera-Sanso, Business and Partnerships Assistant


Published on 01-09-2018
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