Standard membership

NEA is a membership organisation whose members include local authorities, housing associations, health agencies, charities, community groups and contracted installers through energy provider schemes.

NEA relies on its members, both as a source of income and for support in achieving the charity’s aims and objectives.

By becoming a member of NEA, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Discount on training courses, publications and conference fees (simply state you are a member when making the request for any of these services and quote your membership number). Please note that the Local Authority Lower Rate does not include this benefit.
  • Free subscription NEA Focus magazine, published quarterly to keep members informed of NEA’s work and showcase members’ initiatives in combating fuel poverty.
  • Monthly e-newsletter which keeps members informed of policy and legislative changes and allows members to contribute to the fuel poverty debate.
  • Access to NEA’s Research Team who can provide assistance in compiling excess winter death and estimated fuel poverty figures for local authority districts and wards.
  • Invitations to NEA national and regional events including regional Fuel Poverty Forums and other seminars as they are organised; an invitation to the annual members’ reception held in the House of Commons, giving members the opportunity to meet their MPs and discuss issues pertinent to fuel poverty within the local area.

Membership rates

Standard rates [England & Wales] £300 + VAT
Lower rate [England & Wales] £75 + VAT
Standard rate [Northern Ireland] £180 + VAT
Lower rate [Northern Ireland] £50 + VAT
Local Authority Lower Rate* £75 + VAT
  • Lower rate membership is open to small community and voluntary groups with a turnover less than £250,000 per annum.
  • Standard rate membership applies to all local authorities, housing associations and larger charities and small to medium businesses with an annual turnover of less than £500,000 per annum.
  • *Local Authority Lower Rate includes all benefits except the training discount.
Membership runs for 12 months.

What do NEA’s members say about being a member of NEA?

Derby City Council

“As a local authority, we benefit from the information and guidance that NEA produces with regard to home energy efficiency and fuel poverty – in particular, through regular briefings and newsletters, and NEA Focus members’ newsletter. We also benefit from the sharing of information on good practice by attending NEA’s Fuel Poverty Forums and other events. All in all, it’s definitely money well spent!”

Richard Murrell, Principal Home Energy Advisor, Derby City Council

Auriga Services Ltd.

“To become an NEA member was the natural step for our business growth and allowed us to have access and be part of their excellent training, research and policy papers.  The networking opportunities and events are always superbly organised and have given us new openings in this arena.”

Carol Arnold, Auriga Services Ltd.

For more information contact Brian Hart, External Affairs Officer or call 0191 269 2906.

Published on 16-01-2018
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