Leave a legacy in your Will

Latest statistics show the number of households in fuel poverty in England is estimated to be 2.5 million, but statistics alone cannot illustrate the true extent of suffering such as a decline in health, education and basic nutrition as people skip meals in an effort to afford their energy bills.

NEA’s mission is simple, we want to eradicate fuel poverty and help the most vulnerable to achieve what should be a basic human right – to live in a warm dry home. Sadly, for many people, this is an increasingly unattainable aspiration. NEA relies on the support of donors and supporters in order to achieve our mission and deliver much needed support to people affected by fuel poverty.

Leaving a gift in your will

A gift in your will would help NEA to continue our charitable mission to end fuel poverty.

If you are lucky enough not to have to worry about keeping your home warm, or you have recently benefited from a new reliable heating system, you will know how comforting and happy it is to live in a warm, energy efficient home. Would you consider helping someone who does not have the income or knowledge on where to turn for help to benefit from the same feeling?

A legacy gift is about the future. By remembering NEA in your will, it will help us to continue our fight to end fuel poverty. Do something amazing, help our work live on. Anyone can support NEA in this way and every single donation, whether large or small, has the power to make a difference.

Your gift will contribute to a tangible set of services. Our annual Impact Report gives details of what we have achieved and our plans for the future. We are open and transparent and regulated by the Charity Commission and an independent Board of Trustees.

NEA is grateful for every penny we receive.

Memorial Fund or other ways to give

Alternatively, you may consider working with NEA to set up a memorial fund on behalf of yourself or a loved one. A memorial fund is another way in which you can support NEA and our services for the fuel poor into the future.

A memorial fund could be set up in someone’s memory to ensure a lasting and positive impact for your family. Please feel free to talk to us about this idea as we have some experience in administering memorial funds.

Another way to support NEA is to ask for a donation in lieu of flowers. Any support, whether large or small, will be gratefully received by NEA and we will make sure it goes towards providing support for someone struggling in fuel poverty.

Contact us

If you would like to talk to NEA about leaving a gift in your Will or setting up a memorial fund, please contact Jen Carruthers Jones. We respect your privacy and all discussions will be treated in confidence.

It is your decision and we respect your right to change your mind. After your loved ones are taken care of, if you do decide to leave a gift in your Will, NEA are happy to support you in this very important decision making process.

 Share the gift of warmth with future generations. Help us to end fuel poverty!

Published on 24-07-2015
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