How your donations are spent

All donations received by NEA are used to support the charity to deliver new and existing projects which work to assist people in fuel poverty. This includes:

  • Sessions in schools to educate children on the importance of energy efficiency;
  • Research into the causes and extent of fuel poverty;
  • Managing demonstration projects which show innovative ways of tackling fuel poverty;
  • Training for individuals and community groups;
  • Advice and support for fuel poor households; and
  • Campaigns to increase assistance for vulnerable groups.

NEA is the only national fuel poverty charity. We do not focus on one particular group of people; instead we offer our services to anyone who cannot afford to heat their home. For more than 30 years we have helped thousands of households directly, and millions indirectly, to escape from fuel poverty, through our local project work and by influencing central and local government policies. With your support we can continue to deliver our vital work to support fuel poor households. Please take a look at our “Many Faces of Fuel Poverty” document below to see the types of people that your donations are helping!

Thank you.


Faces of Fuel Poverty (pdf 00MB)

Published on 24-07-2015
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