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The importance of meter reading

ENERGY LOG coverKeeping track of your home energy consumption is becoming more and more important for managing the household finances as energy prices remain high and the weather unpredictable.

Providing your energy supplier with regular readings will mean your bill is accurate. Without a regular meter reading all your supplier can do is estimate your usage and these estimates can range from very low, in which case you may end up with a debt, or wildly high where you will end up overpaying.

Meter reading is one of the most important parts of energy supply. Readings must be reliable and accurate so your bills can be too.

Keeping track of your meter readings can also be important if you end up in dispute with your supplier over bills; or supply, especially during the switching process when you may need provide readings to both your current and new energy provider.

Download a copy of our Reasons to keep an Energy Log leaflet here.

The more aware you are of your usage, the more control you have over it.

NEA has developed an easy to use energy log which can be downloaded here.

If you have taken an interest in your energy use and wish to compare it to that of others across England, you can also input your data into NEA’s database here.

One last point, don’t get confused between meters; we know it’s easy to do. NEA has designed some easy to follow guides to explain the different types of meters you may find in the home and how to read them accurately here.

For more information, help and advice on all things energy, please take a look at our other information leaflets here.

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Published on 08-12-2015
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