NEA 40th Anniversary

40 for 40 Challenge

This year NEA is celebrating its 40th anniversary

Since 1981, we have been working to support people in fuel poverty, campaign for greater investment in energy efficient measures, and deliver vital research to support long-term change so everyone can live in a warm, safe home.

While there is still so much to do, we are delighted to be able to celebrate our achievements over the last 40 years and look forward to all of our supporters joining us!

40 For 40

To mark our big anniversary, we’ve created the 40 For 40 challenge – a way for you to take on something new, achieve a new PB, or simply have some fun, all while raising funds for NEA.

Whatever challenge you take on for 40 For 40 is up to you, but it has to be based on the 40! You can get as creative as you like, but if you need some inspiration, check out some ideas below:

Run 40 miles in 40 days

40 wild swims in a year

Complete 40 new books

Bake 40 cakes in 40 weeks

Host a virtual party for 40 people

Joining the 40 For 40 challenge is not only a great way to raise vital funds for NEA so we can continue to support more people who need our help, but it also helps to raise awareness about fuel poverty in the UK.

To get involved and make a difference, visit our Virgin Money Giving page for more information.

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Thank you for supporting NEA!