Smart Outlook Published

Smart Energy GB has published its fourth smart energy outlook last month. The Smart Energy outlook is the largest independent barometer of national public opinion on energy and smart meters.

This research is conducted bi-annually, and surveys over 10,000 respondents on their attitudes towards smart meters. The main findings demonstrate:

  • 84% of people with a smart meter have a better idea of their energy costs
  • 69% of people with smart meters feel more in control of their energy use
  • People with smart meters have better experiences of buying and using energy
  • In-home displays increase the benefits people get from their smart meters
  • Visibility of energy costs, in pounds and pence, is the biggest draw for consumers

Maria Wardrobe, Director of External Affairs, NEA said,

‘Whilst the research is based on all households, the findings indicate positive implications for vulnerable and fuel poor households.

Individuals are reporting having a better idea of their energy costs and feeling more in control of their energy use.

By continuing our work with trusted organisations and groups within communities we will aim to ensure that fuel poor and vulnerable householders can get the extra help they may need to maximise these benefits.’

Smart energy outlook is carried out for Smart Energy GB, twice a year, by independent research agency Populus. It surveys more than 10,000 people around the country.

To access further information on the newly published Smart Outlook go here


Published on 14-09-2016
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