Free Smart Meter Briefings

Smart meter champion training

Smart meter champion training

Fully funded smart meter bite size briefings are available for large/regional partner organisations who reach our target group for 2019: people over the age of 65

Since 2016, 1,392 frontline staff have attended our smart meter training. The feedback on the quality of the training has been overwhelmingly positive. In 2018 95% agreed the training/briefing would enable them to help their beneficiaries understand more about smart meters and the rollout.

“Information very good and clear. You’ve helped me to understand. I feel quite confident to go out and say how good smart meters are”

 Of those who attended a smart meter briefing in 2018, 90% felt more confident in addressing concerns or questions and almost all (98%) participants rated the briefing sessions as very good or good in relation to the quality of delivery and the trainer’s knowledge and communication skills.

Smart meter bite size briefings will enable attendees to:

  • understand the smart meter rollout and feel confident to respond to householder queries and challenges, and know where to source additional information
  • be able to explain what a smart metering system does and how it works
  • understand and be able to use the in-home display, and know how to explain its functions to other people
  • know some of the barriers which may be faced by this year’s target group and how to overcome them
  • understand the smart meter installation process
  • understand the obligations and responsibilities held by the energy companies and their installers to protect householders throughout the smart meter rollout

Get in touch for more information and to book your place on one of our bite size briefings in 2019. Places are limited and we are keen to work with organisations who are new to the rollout.


Published on 18-02-2019
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