What should I expect during my smart meter installation?

The installation is free and the householder should always be told in advance of an appointment. It is important to know that a householder will never be cold-called to have a smart meter installed and an installer should always present a valid identity card including company name, phone number, their name and photograph.

The installation is very similar to a standard meter installation and is carried out by a fully trained installer. However, there are additional steps required to install the in-home display and connect the meter to the network, which makes the overall installation slightly longer.

While the meter is being replaced, the gas and/or electricity will need to be switched off – this is normal practice. On average this will take up to 2 hrs if both meters are being replaced.

Once the new meter is in place, the installer will show the householder how to use the new smart metering system. If a householder choses to have an in-home display (which must be offered), this will be explained. The installer will also provide energy efficiency advice and, if a gas smart meter is being installed, will also conduct a basic safety check of all gas appliances before switching back on the gas. Once they’re done, they’ll take away the old meters.

A householder will need to provide accurate meter readings when they have their meter installed and if they have been basing their usage on estimated bills this could lead to a credit or debt on their account if their bills have been previously under or over-estimated – either way it is important that the householder contacts their supplier to discuss accessing this surplus credit, or to organise an affordable repayment arrangement.

Thankfully having a smart meter will mean an end to estimated billing so in the future householders with a smart meter will only pay for what they use.

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Published on 27-09-2016
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