Six new resources to help people stay warm and safe at home

Improving access to quality advice is essential to help those struggling to heat their homes affordably, and here at NEA it’s one of our top priorities. To help with this we have been busy creating a number of resources in different formats that will support those advising vulnerable and low income households on staying warm and safe at home. Here are six great resources to get you started:

  • Fuel Poverty Action Guide (including editions for Wales): The updated version of our popular Fuel Poverty Action Guide, which provides detailed advice on how to identify and assist those living in fuel poverty. Particularly useful for frontline staff and caseworkers who are dealing with issues around fuel debt, paying for energy and energy affordability for those on low incomes.
  • Your Home Energy Checklist: An at-a-glance four-page leaflet aimed at householders which provides top tips on how to stay warm, safe and healthy at home.
  • Community Action on Fuel Poverty: A brand new website developed in partnership with British Gas that offers practical guidance and resources that are free to download to assist stakeholders to plan, develop and deliver their own community fuel poverty activities.
  • The Prospectus for Universal Affordable Warmth: Produced for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency (FPEEG). The guide details the benefits of current local and national schemes which do, or can, provide affordable warmth across the UK, as well as highlights how elected officials can support fuel poverty alleviation.
  • Fuel Debt Booklet: Aimed at people in Wales who are worried about their energy bills or struggling with gas and electricity debt. Available in English or Welsh, it contains information and advice such as bringing your energy usage down and reducing your bills.

All of our resources are available to download at with some printed copies available on request. We hope you find these useful in your work to tackle fuel poverty in your community.

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