Save Evaluation Workshop

The innovative SAVE project was designed to quantify the relative value of using different domestic energy efficiency interventions that reduce or modify network demand to distribution networks. 

Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (SSEN) and National Energy Action now invite you to discuss the findings of SSEN’s SAVE (Solent Achieving Value from Efficiency) project in the context of what its findings mean for suppliers.

Over the past four years through the SAVE project, SSEN have been robustly trialling the effectiveness of using in-home energy efficiency measures in the context of managing peak demand as an alternative to network reinforcement. Targeting domestic customers only, it has used monitoring technology alongside innovative approaches to engagement. Key successes have included achieving a statistically significant demand reduction through both installation and LEDs and influencing behaviour change through providing price signals at peak times. As the project is coming to an end, we would like to share some of the key insights from the project with you and understand how networks and suppliers can work together to take this innovation project into reality.

In the workshop, you will hear from SSEN on the real-life findings of the project and will be invited to contribute to the outputs by providing your own insights on the opportunities and barriers faced by suppliers in helping a network to deliver the benefits to consumers.

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Published on 01-04-2019
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