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NEA respond to the Mayor of London’s “A City for All Londoners” consultation

December 2017 | Mayor of London

NEA welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Mayor of London’s “A City for All Londoners”. In October 2016, NEA also welcomed the London Mayor’s commitment to tackle cold homes in the capital and the development of a new fuel poverty action plan which will be produced in spring 2017. As well as outlining the scale of the challenge, NEA hopes this response provides a number of positive solutions that can be embedded within the final Environment strategy and the bespoke Fuel Poverty Action Plan. In particular we highlight how retargeting and amplifying existing programmes alongside the introduction of targeted and adequate investment by the Mayor can support London Boroughs to reverse recent trends and help improve the quality of life for those living in life threatening conditions across the capital. We also highlight how more ambitious energy saving programmes could also improve air quality; boost economic activity in deprived areas; reduce costs to local health services; reduce needless carbon emissions, rent arrears and void periods for landlords; create jobs and wider benefits for London businesses; avoid unnecessary investment in non-efficient forms of embedded power generation which can increase local air pollution and help reduce the cost of network reinforcement. The latter could in turn help reduce the extent or duration of civil utility street works taking place in London.