Warm Zones Reactive Repair Service

The Warm Zones Reactive Repair Service (WZRRS) operates in partnership with a GDN and WZ to provide a rapid response service for vulnerable households whose gas central heating boilers, gas fires and/or other gas heating/water heating appliances have been condemned by qualified gas engineers because they are considered a gas safety risk. Under the scheme, when an engineer condemns a dangerous appliance, they notify the householder of the WZRRS and the support offered via the scheme. Households can then contact WZ directly to request assistance. In some instances, GDN engineers themselves are able to call WZ on behalf of the household and refer them into the scheme.

Following notification of the household’s situation, WZ aims to send out an engineer within 3 working days. The WZ engineer/contractor then seeks to make the necessary repairs and/or replacements of gas appliances to ensure that the household is able to regain access to their gas appliances(s) in a timely and safe manner. A ring-fenced crisis fund is used to fund the replacement or repair to gas appliances. Households referred into the scheme are also offered a benefits entitlement check (BEC) by WZ in order to ensure they are claiming all of the benefits they may be entitled to.

Author: Luke Garrett, Research & Policy Officer, NEA
October 2017
Published on 31-01-2018
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