Catalogue of health-related fuel poverty schemes

Prepared by Juliette Burroughs (NEA) for Department of Energy and Climate Change
Published: April 2015

NEA undertook this research with DECC to better understand levels of activity at a local level to target individuals with health problems for energy efficiency measures and other fuel poverty interventions. The catalogue presented information collected from an online survey on 75 health-related fuel poverty schemes. Each scheme is recorded as a separate catalogue entry and includes information about the scheme on: services provided; household profile (including any health conditions the scheme targets); health sector involvement (types of health bodies and/or healthcare professionals involved in helping to implement the scheme); health referrals; funding; data-sharing; challenges and successes; and evaluation (if the scheme has been evaluated). Complementing the catalogue entries are 19 case studies profiling in greater detail schemes from the catalogue with particularly robust health targeting/links with the health sector.


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