Delivering affordability assistance to water customers: Cross sector lessons

July 2016 | Aimee Ambrose, Christopher Damm, Michael Foden, Jan Gilbertson, James Pinder

Reports commissioned by the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater): Living with Water Poverty (Creative Research, 2014) and Water Matters (Allen, 2015), revealed that whilst more affordability assistance is now available to water customers who may be struggling to afford their water bills, awareness of the support on offer remains low. This is particularly the case for vulnerable and hard to reach groups who are arguably the most in need of this support (Creative Research, 2014). In light of these on-going challenges, CCWater is eager to identify good practice – from both within and outside of the water sector – in relation to increasing the reach and targeting of affordability assistance. To this end, the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research was appointed to undertake an evidence review.


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