Fuel Debt Training in Wales

Tailored fuel debt training courses specifically for delivery in Wales

AnwarEnergy suppliers offer their customers help and support to deal with unpaid fuel bills and can recommend their own social tariff and/or social offerings if the client is eligible. However, many vulnerable householders are reluctant to deal directly with their energy supplier fearing disconnection or unreasonable repayment terms and so either do nothing or contact an independent advice agency for help.

These advice agencies, usually reliant upon funding for specific advice provision, are struggling to cope with the increasing demand for support on fuel debt issues and in many areas there is little or no resource available. Where there is resource available, training is required to provide the skills to identify and deal with the various components that contribute to fuel debt/fuel poverty.

With support from SSE Swalec, NEA’s training team tailored fuel debt training courses specifically for delivery in Wales of which 12 were delivered simultaneously providing mentoring to advice agencies in Wales who participated in the training.

For more information contact Alison Powell.

Published on 10-07-2015
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