Home Energy Advice Team Coventry

The Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT) project is run from our Coventry office and provides advice, advocacy and support around all aspects of money advice to vulnerable fuel poor households including the elderly, families with young children, disabled households and black and ethnic minority groups in and around Coventry.

home energy advice teamThe project’s uniqueness lies in that it delivers bespoke telephone advice along with face-to-face advice in the client’s home to help deliver solutions to multiple problems faced by the client.

Fuel debt is caused by a number of factors (e.g. poor energy efficiency in the property, low income, poor knowledge about financial systems), and this project will deliver solutions to all of these. Other money advisers in the area are not trained to provide energy advice – while they may enable a client to arrange to pay off a high fuel bill, they cannot give advice which prevents its recurrence. Fuel debt cases are complex, and many households only seek support when the situation is desperate.

For more information contact Judy Best or Saleem Sheikh.

Published on 15-10-2015
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