Age Action Alliance

NEA has been a member of the Age Action Alliance (AAA) since it was established in 2011. The AAA is an independent alliance of organisations with a very clear vision to improve the quality of life through partnership working between member organisations and older people.

Beryl and tea cupsNEA chairs one of the many working groups of the AAA, the Safe, Warm Homes Group. The Group uniquely brings together a range of partner organisations covering the energy, health, safety and housing sectors. The Group intends that its work will reduce the level of excess winter deaths in the UK, and tackle issues of morbidity linked to living in cold and poor housing conditions, while identifying and promoting good practice for wider dissemination and adoption.

NEA produces a Fuel Poverty Action Guide in conjunction with the AAA with support from the Department of Energy and Climate Change. To download the latest version click here.

For more information visit or contact Maria Wardrobe.

NEA is delighted to feature some photographs on this website from the AAA ‘All About Ageing’ photographic competition.

Published on 06-07-2016
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