Smart Meter Project

NEA NI was part of the team led by the University of Ulster that took part in the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation smart meter trial that addressed the need for more research into the impact of smart meters on vulnerable households.

NEA NI believes that the roll-out of smart meters must be accompanied by an education programme and support services.  The trial provided significant opportunity to pilot programmes designed specifically to help householders use their smart meter and In-House Display effectively.

As the fuel poverty charity we see smart metering technology as a way to bring accurate information to households on actual energy consumption and associated costs.  For households this offers real benefits – particularly around budgeting for fuel and avoiding debt via accurate information and the elimination of estimated bills.

Getting smart meters from theory to reality could be a complex journey however, the trial provided opportunity for joined up thinking between the stakeholders.  Through education and support it also enabled energy smart customers to use their smart meter and In-House Display in an energy efficient way!

The report ‘Smart Meters Smart People’ can be viewed or downloaded by following the link below.


Published on 06-10-2015
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