Belfast Warm and Well Project

The Belfast Community Planning Partners have committed to helping people keep warm and well over the winter period. Over 300 people in Belfast died last year as a result of cold weather, cold homes and associated disease and infections. Many others were ill. Many of these were older people but it also affects younger people, including those suffering from mental ill health or living in difficult conditions.

We believe that community action, supported by statutory organisations can help prevent illness and death. In particular, we want to support local communities to identify their neighbours who may be more vulnerable to the cold weather, to be able to offer them some tips on how to look after themselves and offer to call on more support through a single telephone number.

We are calling on all local groups and businesses across the city to work with us, and in particular, those in the Shankill and Andersonstown areas as this is where a greater number of people are at risk. If you are willing to get involved, we would like the opportunity to share more information on this service and to hear from you on how we could work together to deliver this service in these areas during this winter.

The Belfast Warm and Well Project aims to help local people by offering advice and practical support to stay warm and well.

The project is available to vulnerable people who are finding it difficult to keep their home warm. Vulnerable refers to a number of different groups including:

  • People aged 65 years or older;
  • People living with disability or long term physical or mental health condition;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Households with young child (from new-born to school age);
  • People on a low income.

Signs that a person may be finding it difficult to keep their home warm could be, for example:

  • The home is cold – you may have to keep your coat on when inside;
  • There is condensation on the windows;
  • There are signs of damp on the walls or ceilings.

Belfast Warm and Well, will be coordinated by National Energy Action (NEA) who will work with local community and voluntary groups, to provide helpful independent and confidential advice and practical support.

If you are vulnerable and finding it difficult to keep your home warm, please contact us on 028 9023 9909 or email to see if we can help.

For further information on staying warm in winter, please visit


Published on 17-12-2019
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