Affordable Warmth Campaign

This project is now complete

The Affordable Warmth Campaign is now complete.  It was a three year project, managed by NEA NI and funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies.  The Campaign focused on older people in Northern Ireland and aimed to highlight the impact that fuel poverty has on this group.

Although led by NEA NI, the project was also co-ordinated via partnerships with agencies that support older people throughout Northern Ireland.

Strategic Objectives

The three main strategic objectives of the Affordable Warmth Campaign were:

  • Ensure all key stakeholders, and decision makers are well informed on how they can contribute to the eradication of fuel poverty;
  • Improve the delivery and quality of fuel poverty programmes; and
  • Improve fuel poverty services through training and raising awareness.

Campaign Activities

The overarching campaign was underpinned by four main activities.  These four activities included the following:

  • Qualitative research, with the goal to encapsulate what it is actually like to live in fuel poverty;
  • An advocacy network to ensure that the views of fuel poor households, and local agencies that support them are heard and integrated into the Campaign;
  • NEA NI provided evidence required by Government Minister’s, Officials and scrutiny bodies such as select committees.  This evidence sought to prioritize the eradication of fuel poverty within Government departments, political parties and national and regional agencies with an interest in fuel poverty; and
  • A three year programme of public relations, press and public affairs activity which would raise awareness of the causes and consequences of fuel poverty amongst older households in Northern Ireland.

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Published on 06-10-2015
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