2016 – NEA NI Energy Advice Forum, 25th February

‘Energy Efficiency – Minding the Gap’

The Energy Advice Forum was held on Thursday 25th February 2016 at the Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

The forum is for strategic policy makers and front line energy advisers. The forum provides networking opportunities and it also helps NEA to shape policy developments and campaigns.

Below are the guest speakers and the titles of their presentations, which can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant titles.

Rob Pannell
Managing Director | Zero Carbon Hub

Closing the Performance Gap – Delivering energy efficiency policy and practice

Rob Pannell is the Managing Director at the Zero Carbon Hub, a role to which he brings a wide range of knowledge regarding sustainability, innovations, technology prototypes, trials and solutions. This knowledge is a crucial asset for both the Zero Carbon Hub and Government, with Rob working closely with ministers and senior civil servants to advise on key risk areas around the design and construction of low energy buildings and European and UK policy development. Rob is also an advisor to Defra on Sustainability issues affecting the Construction sector and is a member of the Zero Carbon Task Force committee.

Trevor Martin
Head of Building Control | Belfast City Council

The role of Building Control in delivering energy efficiency

Trevor Martin is the Head of Building Control in Belfast City Council with over thirty five years experience in the industry. He has worked in the private sector and for both central and local government. Trevor is in charge of a team of a hundred architects, engineers and surveyors who are customer focussed and strongly interconnected with communities and the political process. In addition to ensuring standards compliance on the design and construction of all buildings, Trevor’s team deal with many other functions, including public safety and licensing issues in the city. He also manages the Affordable Warmth Team in Belfast.

Hilary Johnston
Health & Social Wellbeing Improvement Manager | Public Health Agency

Warmer Ways to Better Health

Hilary Johnston has been a Health and Social Wellbeing Improvement Manager in the Public Health Agency (PHA), and legacy structures, for the past 13 years.  Prior to this she held a range of roles within health and social care and the voluntary sector. Hilary’s current responsibilities include working to improve health and social wellbeing and tackle inequalities through partnership working including reducing the impact of poverty, preventing home accidents, older people, early years, and education. Hilary is part of the PHA’s Northern Area Locality Team and also carries some regional responsibilities.

Published on 25-02-2016
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