2016 – NEA NI Energy Advice Forum, 16th November

‘Beyond the Status Quo – Innovative ways to tackle fuel poverty’

The Energy Advice Forum was held on Wednesday 16th November 2016 at Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast.

The forum was attended by over 100 delegates from a wide range of organisations including the private, public, voluntary and community sector.

Below is an overview of the presentations given at the forum and copies are available via the links shown below.

Michael Hamer
Technical and Innovation Manager | National Energy Action (NEA)

NEAs Health and Innovation Programme

Michael Hamer, NEA Technical and Innovation Manager gave an overview of NEA’s Health and Innovation GB Programme, and a presentation on the Technical Innovation Fund aspect of the Programme.  The fund was created to help install and evaluate a range of innovative technologies in households and at a local community level, using measures that would not traditionally be within scope for current mandated schemes.  Grant recipients from the fund are working to install their technologies and work with NEA to ensure that robust monitoring and evaluation takes place.  NEA is also delivering a programme of community engagement and support in each of the areas.  Michael’s presentation included an overview of the programme’s monitoring, general evaluation model and times.


Professor Christine Liddell
Professor of Psychology | Ulster University

Whole House Report – Transforming Northern Ireland’s Domestic Energy Efficiency Landscape

Professor Christine Liddell provided findings based on three new European studies using data from housing stock in separate areas.  Majcen et al. 2016 based on Dutch housing stock measured 31,000 retrofitted homes and examined gas reduction per measure concluding that all measures together bore the best results.  Hamilton et al 2016 looked at 169,000 homes of English housing stock linked to meter point data with similar findings on measures installed together.  Simpson et al 2015 similarly used 20 real life case studies giving results for retrofit measures.


Barbara Gray
Bryson Energy

Whole House Solutions – Bryson Energy Retrofit Scheme*

Barbara Gray provided a presentation on findings pre and post retrofitting of measures taken over the course of two years in 100 homes in the Omagh and Strabane areas.  240 households who had previously received energy efficiency measures via the Warm Homes scheme were invited to complete an eligibility survey and 100 were eligible for the Whole House Retrofit.  The households included older people, families with children under 16 years of age and people with disabilities.  Positive findings included increase in SAP, thermal comfort and affordability of heating, impact on oil purchasing and energy use, and impact on physical health and mental well-being.


Anne Marie Marley
Consultant Respiratory Nurse | Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

Belfast Breathing Better – COPD Collaborative Partnerships in the Belfast Trust

Consultant Respiratory Nurse, Anne Marie Marley provided a comprehensive presentation on the background of the Respiratory team within Belfast Health & Social Care Trust.  This included an insight into the collaborative partnerships invovled in the care pathway.  She explained how the Warmth at Home referral system mechanism makes it easy for her team and makes the system more effective.


Lucy Cochrane
Project Coordinator | National Energy Action Northern Ireland (NEA NI)

Warmth at Home

Northern Exposure Project Coordinator Lucy Cochrane provided a presentation on the Warmth at Home project with an overview of the project including how it evolved.  She presented the process and explained the various aspects of the customer journey.  She also provided the most up to date outcome statistics and how the project is moving forward alongside some client case studies.


* The Whole House Solution reports can be downloaded in PDF format below:


Published on 16-11-2016
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