Party Manifesto Overview

All main political parties have now launched their manifesto’s for this year’s National Assembly for Wales election in May 2016.

The Fuel Poverty Coalition developed its own manifesto ‘Ending Wales’ Cold Crisis’ introducing five key priorities for action for the next Welsh Government over the next five years from 2016. All main political parties in Wales were sent the manifesto and the Fuel Poverty Coalition met representatives of all major parties fighting for seats at the next National Assembly for Wales to promote its five key priorities for action.

Here is an overview of the key pledges made in each manifesto written by the main political parties on fuel poverty, energy efficiency and climate change:

Party Manifesto Overview (PDF, 316kb)

The Fuel Poverty Coalition  were satisfied that three parties each endorsed between two and four of the Welsh Fuel Poverty Coalition’s five priorities within their manifesto.

Published on 25-04-2016
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