QRL’s “Don’t Omit Emitters” campaign

QRL has launched the Don’t Omit Emitters campaign, which calls for the industry to come together and petition the government to include radiators in mandatory efficiency ratings. Radiators are not currently covered by the EU’s ErP (Energy-related Products) Directive and its colour-coded energy labelling system, with efficiency bandings rated A+++ to G. This means there is no requirement for manufacturers to produce an energy label for radiators, or for installers to include radiators when producing the package label indicating whole-system efficiency.

In its Don’t Omit Emitters manifesto – outlined on the QRL website – the company argues that proper energy labelling would make it easier for people to identify high-efficiency emitters – ones that will improve heating system performance, cut costs and reduce emissions. For more information about the Don’t Omit Emitters campaign – and to sign the online petition – visit the QRL website.

Published on 06-10-2016
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