Call for participants: Welfare, employment and energy demand research project

NEA is supporting a new research project on energy and welfare that looks at the links between welfare policy and energy demand issues with a view to understanding interaction in complex policy areas. Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Centre (EPSRC), the project is being undertaken by researchers from the Universities of Exeter, Lancaster, and York who are particularly interested in how policy impacts on people and how it is implemented through different organisations. 

The researchers are looking for people that work in relevant areas or are impacted by welfare and employment policies take part in an open-ended research interview. This includes people within related policy teams across government departments, policy stakeholders outside of government, people in positions of responsibility with regards to delivery and implementation, and those affected by welfare and employment policies either in their working role or directly. Interviews will take the form of a guided discussion and last approximately 60 minutes. If you would be interested in sharing your experiences with the project Research Team or want to find out more about what your participation would involve please contact: Dr Catherine Butler (

Published on 25-07-2016
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