Around 4 million UK households are in fuel poverty, unable to afford to live in a warm, dry home. National Energy Action is the national charity working to end fuel poverty in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
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A household is in fuel poverty if they cannot afford to adequately heat their home. Fuel Poverty causes misery, ill health and premature deaths in millions of households across the UK. Someone in fuel poverty will be cold, ill and making difficult decisions whether to heat or eat.

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Thousands of people lose their lives every winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes properly. This year the risk is even more severe, with cold housing also putting people at greater risk of COVID-19. It does not have to be this way. Your support will enable us to help people struggling to stay warm at home, as well as work to change the systems which are trapping people in fuel poverty. We are the only charity working across England, Wales and Northern Ireland dedicated to ending fuel poverty and ensuring everyone can stay warm and safe at home. Millions of people in the UK cannot afford to heat their homes to the temperature needed to stay warm and healthy. In 2019-20 we were able to help more than 1 million people access support to heat their homes affordably.


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