Residents in Ely and Caerau encouraged to shape up their finances in 2015

21 January 2015

Residents in Ely and Caerau are being encouraged to improve their financial fitness in the New Year by attending an event taking place at the Ely & Caerau Community Hub, Ely, Cardiff on Monday 26 January.

The event is being run by Action in Caerau and Ely (ACE), a Welsh Government funded community focussed anti-poverty programme, which has teamed up with the Cardiff Community Action Partnership, a two-year partnership between British Gas, National Energy Action (NEA) Cymru and Cardiff Council designed to bring a multiagency approach to address fuel poverty in the city.The partnership will be officially launched at the event.

A range of organisations will be available throughout the day to give information and advice to local residents including advice on reducing their energy bills and becoming more energy efficient, and support schemes available through the Welsh Government’s fuel poverty programme Nest, which can assist eligible households.In addition workshops on budgeting, cooking and getting a good deal on your energy will also be showcased.

Carole Morgan-Jones, Director, NEA Cymru said: “We estimate that approximately 42,000 households in Cardiff are experiencing fuel poverty.Tackling fuel poverty in a joined up way can bring multiple benefits to Cardiff by providing residents with warm homes and an improved quality of life.In the weeks following Christmas when typically households may have overspent on the Christmas festivities there is no better time to re-examine your household finances and see if there are opportunities to shop around for a better energy deal.“

The City of Cardiff, Cabinet Member for Transport, Planning and Sustainability, Councillor Ramesh Patel, said: “Fuel poverty is a serious concern for many households, not just in Cardiff but nationally as well. It’s an issue that can affect people of all ages and it’s important that as a council we work with other organisations to put measures in place to help residents.

“I would also encourage residents to also find out about Cyd Cymru, a scheme we launched in 2013, alongside the Vale of Glamorgan council and supported by the Welsh Government.

“The scheme aims to get as many people as possible buying their energy collectively in order to negotiate better energy deals from energy suppliers.

“Last year the power of collective energy buying saved over 1,500 households an average of £185 on their energy bills and the more people who register, the bigger the savings will be.”

British Gas has worked with National Energy Action for more than 30 years on a number of programmes to support people out of fuel poverty and promote energy efficiency.

Christine Tate, Head of Corporate Responsibility, said: “This new investment will mean that help is available for the communities that need it most. The activity in Cardiff will help people become more energy efficient and reduce their energy bills. In the next two years we hope to deliver tangible benefits and help to make a significant difference to people’s lives.”

Notes to Editors:

  • For all enquiries please contact NEA’s Communications Team on 0191 261 5677.
  • The Community Action Partnership is a national programme delivered by the fuel poverty charity National Energy Action (NEA) and British Gas, in partnership with Councils across the UK.It will help to bring affordable energy and improve the lives and prosperity of residents in eight localities across England and Wales, equipping the local community with the tools they need to deal with fuel poverty in the future.
  • NEA is the UK’s leading fuel poverty charity campaigning for affordable warmth. For further details visit
  • Fuel poverty results from a combination of factors: low household income; unaffordable energy prices; and inadequate heating and insulation standards. The consequences of fuel poverty range from psychological distress, social isolation and physical discomfort to causing or exacerbating serious illness and, in the most extreme cases, to premature death.
  • In Wales fuel poverty is defined as the need to spend over 10% of household income on fuel costs to maintain adequate warmth for health and comfort.Almost 1 in 3 (30%) of households in Wales were living in fuel poverty in 2012, equating to 386,000 homes.328,000 of these are believed to be vulnerable households (containing a child, older person, or someone who is disabled or has a long term illness).
  • One of the most significant impacts of fuel poverty is on health.It is estimated that poor housing costs the NHS in Wales around £67m a year.When factors such as children’s poor educational attainment and reduced life chances are taken into account, the total cost to society is estimated at £168m a year.
  • For further information on Cyd Cymru visit or by telephoning 0800 093 5902
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