NEA comments on new analysis released by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit

Embargo: 00:01 22 May 2020
Contact: Matt Copeland, Policy Manager, NEA / 07595642747

New analysis released by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) today [22 May] has found that the winter heating costs for families living in the leakiest homes during a coronavirus lockdown would increase to nearly £50 more per month compared to those in homes with higher energy efficiency ratings.

Adam Scorer, Chief Executive of fuel poverty charity National Energy Action comments:

“This report is very timely. We have known for decades that cold homes cause and exacerbate underlying health conditions. They kill thousands every winter. We have known the solution for decades: a large scale and coordinated energy efficiency drive for low income households.

“Covid-19 is abominable and social restrictions are necessary. But if those necessary measures to contain Covid-19 drive up energy costs and the risk of excess winter deaths, as more people find heating their homes unaffordable, then we will have repeated a grievous act of neglect.

“It is not speculation to say that increased energy costs during the winter, and during an economic recession, will lead to greater levels of fuel poverty, excess mortality and pressure on the NHS.

“This winter, fuel poor households need support with energy costs. Next winter, and every winter after that, they need a home that can be kept warm easily and affordably. A large-scale energy efficiency programme is the ‘no-brainer’ solution that we haven’t had the brain to adopt. This must be the moment that changes.”

Notes for editors

1. NEA is the national fuel poverty charity, working to ensure that everyone in England, Wales and Northern Ireland can stay warm in their home.

2. Lockdown in Leaky HomesHow families spending more time in poorly insulated homes are set to pay over the odds to keep warm is published by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit.

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