NEA’s comment on the Committee on Fuel Poverty annual report

Issued by: Peter Smith, Director of Policy and Research

“NEA warmly welcomes the Committee’s report which clearly outlines the legal requirements the UK Government is bound by. The report also rightly notes that progress is being made towards our fuel poverty strategy ‘milestones’ but based on current progress there is a risk thousands of fuel poor households in the worst properties could still be suffering long after 2020. Without adequate resources the report notes the final 2030 could also be missed by some distance. Like the Committee, we now want to see the UK Government re-target existing schemes on those that need the most support and, where needed, commit to additional investment to achieve our national goals.

“The good news is there is strong cross-party consensus on the need for more ambitious policies. There is also a strong case for central investment and domestic energy efficiency should be regarded as a hugely important infrastructure priority. This would help the UK and national Governments meet their fuel poverty and carbon targets and more generally will reduce the cost to energy consumers of the transition to a low carbon energy system as well as creating economic growth in all parts of the UK. This approach is also supported by a growing number of Non-Departmental Public Bodies, academics, industry and NGOs”.

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