Warm Zones Fund

The Warm Zones Fund (WZF) was delivered by NEA’s not-for-profit subsidiary Warm Zones Community Interest Company (WZcic). WZcic is a not-for-profit managing agent, working in partnership with a range of organisations in the private, social and third sectors to design, manage and deliver various affordable warmth programmes, with a particular focus on those in fuel poverty and other vulnerable homes.

The WZF involved working in partnership with local agencies to install heating and insulation measures in households in or at risk of fuel poverty. As well as receiving physical measures, householders were also provided with energy advice and offered benefit entitlement checks. It operated across Great Britain across all tenure types and had an emphasis on the following;

  • Simplified, streamlined delivery to ensure that the maximum number of homes could benefit from the measures and services as soon as practicable
  • Filling some of the gaps in provision left by the Energy Company Obligation, particularly the provision of solid wall insulation, loft top-ups and heating to a wider range of households; and no overlap with ECO or other relevant energy efficiency schemes administered by Ofgem
  • Demonstrating quality and value for money

Although the eligibility for the WZF was area-based, with all eligible homes in the 25% most deprived Lower Super Output Areas by income; working with partner organisations, WZcic was able to effectively target the scheme on the properties with the lowest energy ratings. As a result, 46% of the properties improved were in the most energy inefficient homes within these low-income areas (EPC bands F or G).

A full social impacts evaluation is ongoing however the WZF succeeded in achieving the following (up to 31 March 2017);

  • 4,215 homes  received a substantive measures, forecast to increase to 4316 during 2017/18, exceeding the target of 2,955 by 46%
  • 4372 measures were installed against a target of 3,560
  • 2,700 households received benefits and/or energy advice, resulting in £5.304 million additional income secured.

For more information on the fund and impacts download the Warm Zone Fund programme report

For more information on Warm Zones Community Interest Company visit www.warmzones.co.uk

Published on 06-09-2017
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