Warm & Healthy Homes Fund

The Warm and Healthy Homes Fund (WHHF) is part of a wider £26.2 million Health and Innovation Programme (HIP) launched in April 2015 with the aim of bringing affordable warmth to over 6,500 fuel poor and vulnerable households in England, Scotland and Wales.

The Warm and Healthy Homes Fund aimed to build on guidance and new quality standards issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for addressing excess winter deaths and the health risks associated with cold homes. NEA partnered with local delivery partners to effectively target support to those in most need. The fund featured three elements:

  • The Partnerships programme, which awarded eleven health and housing partnerships across England and Wales with grants to provide households most at risk of fuel poverty and cold-related illness with heating and/or insulation measures.
  • The Small Measures programme which awarded eight home improvement agencies across England and Wales with a share of a charitable grant fund to install a range of low cost energy efficiency interventions.

NEA’s sister charity Energy Action Scotland (EAS) was awarded a grant to manage a programme of high value and lower cost interventions across three fuel poor areas in Scotland: the Western Isles, the Orkney Islands and Glasgow. Please visit the EAS website for further details about these projects.

As well as administering the WHHF programme, NEA developed and delivered training to 1,227 frontline workers and provided advice and support to 1,254 residents. We also held events to bring our lead partners together for shared learning and good practice, and conducted a social evaluation to capture the impacts of the fund. The social evaluation is available here.

NEA is proud to have been involved in the delivery of the Warm & Healthy Homes Fund. Over 2015-18, the programme provided 2,663 households across Great Britain with an energy efficiency intervention, leading to a tangible difference in their levels of warmth, comfort, health and wellbeing. The Final Report detailing the outputs and achievements of the programme, as well as NEA’s recommendations for delivery partners and policy makers is available here.

Case studies for some of the households assisted through the Warm and Healthy Homes Fund can be viewed here.

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Published on 24-09-2018
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