The Lightbulb Project

Lead Partners:

Leicestershire County Council and Papworth Trust

Other Partners:

Papworth Trust, The Lightbulb Project, First Contact, Leicestershire County Council, seven district councils , West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group

Project Summary:

In Leicestershire, the Warm & Healthy Homes Fund (WHHF) enabled an existing referral scheme to offer more holistic assistance to householders whose energy inefficient housing was placing them at risk of poor health. The Warm Homes, Healthy Homes Service already provided energy advice for vulnerable households, community awareness campaigns and training for front-line staff. The service, delivered by the Papworth Trust, helped people to reduce their energy bills and stay warm and healthy in their homes. The Warm Homes, Healthy Homes service became the delivery vehicle for the WHHF grant, providing householders with energy efficiency improvements which would not have been possible under the mainstream funding mechanisms.

The WHHF helped to develop a strong county-wide partnership in Leicestershire, centred around the County Council. The unique Lightbulb Project was central to this partnership, bringing together housing services across seven district councils and the county council. Also fundamental to the county-wide partnership was the Leicestershire First Contact Plus Scheme, a single point of contact for referrals of vulnerable people from front-line health workers, social workers, voluntary organisations, the fire service and other council services such as housing and benefits. The initiative allows residents who require help with one or a number of issues to access a catalogue of information, advice, help and support.

The strategic support, match funding and referral generation provided by this partnership enabled the Warm Homes, Healthy Homes Service to use the WHHF to deliver heating and insulation measures to over 150 of the most vulnerable households across the county.

Region in which project will be delivered:

East Midlands

Local Authority area/key locations in which project will be delivered:


Details of measures installed:

Eligible individuals benefited from heating and/or insulation measures as required.

NEA grant with GAP funding
115 35 150
Published on 08-11-2016
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