Sheffield Warm and Well

Lead Partner:

South Yorkshire Energy Centre

Other Partners:

Sheffield City Council, Yorkshire Housing Association, Sheffield Advice

Project Summary:

The project delivered by the South Yorkshire Energy Centre aimed to provide help to those in most need and in the most deprived areas as well as other vulnerable groups. The project established a network of referral contacts that included community and health professionals who support the most vulnerable on a daily basis. A promotional leaflet and referral form were used to capture the details of people who might be eligible and staff also attended local events in libraries, food banks, community cafés and drop-ins at local venues to engage with people and collect referrals.  The project provided advice and support on energy bills and helping people to check if they were receiving the Warm Home Discount.

To help reduce energy costs further, small low-cost measures were installed in draughty homes including draught excluders, insulating tape and radiator foil to maximise heat retention. With the help of Yorkshire Housing Handyperson’s service, the project was also able to provide boiler repairs and more technical installations.

Region in which project will be delivered:


Local authority area/key locations in which project will be delivered:


Measures installed:

A grant of up to £500 per eligible household was used to provide low cost energy efficiency interventions. Measures could include insulation, draughtproofing, heating repairs and a range of other specified products as required by the household.

NEA grant with GAP funding
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Published on 12-10-2016
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