Mitsubishi Ecodan Hybrid heat pumps with existing oil/boiler system (CP786)

Lead agency: North Lincolnshire Council
Other partners: YES Energy Solutions; Mitsubishi Electric B.V.
Project summary: This project will install Mitsubishi Ecodan hybrid air source heat pumps into 10 properties in Eastville and Leverton, North Lincolnshire.  The properties are currently heated using oil boiler systems, the ASHP works in conjunction with the existing oil boiler. The heat pump will operate when the outside air temperature is above a pre-set level, below this level the boiler will heat the property. The properties have previously had PV installed.
Evaluation methodology: Interviews will be conducted with the recipient households to capture behaviours and previous energy expenditure.  This will be supplemented with thermal data logging in the living room and bedroom with recognised calibrated stand-alone devices. Household energy usage will be captured using an oil flow meter (with datalogger) and a current clamp to measure electricity use. A watt hour meter will be installed to determine the electricity input into the ASHP and a heat meter will determine its output.Enhanced heat metering will be carried out in 5 of these properties with heat meters also monitoring output to the central heating and output to the hot water. Monitoring will be carried out over 12 months, and will include a full winter heating period.
Project outcomes:
  • The project will generate valuable data as to the technical performance of the heat pumps and their role in reducing fuel costs for off gas fuel poor households.
  • If an ASHP is effective working alongside an oil boiler and therefore providing a cost effective alternative to traditional off gas heating methods.
Delivery regionYorkshire and Humber
Local authority/key locationsNorth Lincolnshire
Technologies being trialledMitsubishi Ecodan ASHP (5KW)


NEA grant with gap funding Match Total
10 10

Download the final report here.

Published on 14-02-2019
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