London Borough of Newham

Lead Partner:

London Borough of Newham

Other Partner:

Newham Clinical Commissioning Group

Project Summary:

Newham Council’s Adult Social Care Team and the Newham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) jointly identified a list of residents with long-term health conditions who were receiving social care support and were considered to be at ‘very high’ or ‘high’ risk of hospital admission. This list of residents was cross-referenced against a database of properties which have Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) held by the Council’s Housing Team. Those residents on the list and whose property was identified as cold were contacted to be assessed for support and the provision of new or replacement heating and insulation in their properties.

In addition, the Council and CCG worked closely together to identify other residents who could benefit from support from the project, including those in receipt of a large domiciliary care package and those who were provided with support from the Council’s commissioned Home and Settle Service (which facilitated early safe discharge for residents who have no family/friend support available). Furthermore, self- referrals were also generated by advertising the project in Newham’s Mag which goes out to residents across the borough.

Region in which project will be delivered:


Local authority/key locations in which project will be delivered:

London Borough of Newham

Details of measures installed:

Eligible individuals benefited from heating and/or insulation measures as required.

NEA grant with gap funding
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Published on 25-08-2017
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