Infra-red heating panels (CP793)

LEAD AGENCY Halton Housing Trust
Project summary

This project will evaluate the benefits of replacing night storage heaters in the flats of a tower block with ceiling-mounted infra-red heating panels.  The one and two bedroom flats have previously been heated by older Economy 7 electric storage heaters.  These had poor temperature control and sometimes overheated the flat in the day and by evening provided insufficient heat.

Infra-red heating panels will be fitted to the ceiling of each room of the 38 flats.  Traditional heating systems warm the air around the heater and this heat is distributed by convection.  In contrast, the infra-red panels operate in a similar manner to the sun, heating objects directly which in turn heat the air around them.   There are health benefits with the infra-red heating panels as the air doesn’t become as dry from a respiratory aspect and in contrast to convection heaters, there is less movement of dust for those who suffer with allergies and asthma.   The better temperature control with the infra-red panels may reduce the space heating electricity consumption by over 20%.

Evaluation Methodology  

NEA will evaluate the effectiveness of the Infra-red heating panels by collecting previous electricity bill data from the residents and monitoring the performance after installation through current clamp monitors and electricity meter readings.  Thermal comfort will be assessed with thermal data loggers placed in the living room and the main bedroom.  The satisfaction level of the residents with the infra-red heating panels compared to the night storage heaters will be determined through questionnaires.  Full monitoring will be carried out on eight households for 12 months and will include a full winter heating period.

Project Outcomes

  • NEA is interested in assessing infra-red heating panels as a potential replacement for old night storage heaters
  • This technology should provide residents with better control of their heating and thermal comfort
  • The project will assess the running costs from using infra-red heating panels and whether there are any additional benefits to the comfort of the resident.
Region in which project will be delivered North West
Local authority areas/key locations in which project will be delivered Halton Borough Council
Details of technologies being trialled ‘Your Choice’ Infra-red heating panels
NEA grant with gap funding Match Total
38 [number] 38
The report relating to this project will be delayed due to matters beyond the control of the project team.
More information can be obtained from the Technical manager at NEA if required – Michael Hamer (0191) 269 2904
Published on 09-01-2017
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