Home not Hospital Scheme

Lead Partner:

Barnet Care & Repair Agency

Other Partners:

The British Red Cross (Home Not Hospital Service)

Project Summary:

Barnet Care & Repair is an active partner in the Home Not Hospital scheme, delivering the Winter Well scheme to address fuel poverty and excessively cold housing in Barnet, to prevent unnecessary illness and cold related deaths.

The Warm & Healthy Homes Fund allowed the Winter Well scheme to further help individuals who were susceptible to fuel poverty, enabling a more long-lasting solution for the individual.  It maximised the support offered and enabled additional energy efficiency measures to be installed.

The Home Not Hospital service received referrals of vulnerable residents in need of assistance after a stay in hospital, and this project dovetailed with the excellent referral mechanisms and partnering arrangements already in place to further tackle fuel poverty and cold related illness in Barnet.

Region in which project will be delivered:


Local authority area/key locations in which project will be delivered:

London Borough of Barnet

Measures installed:

A grant of up to £500 per eligible household was used to provide low cost energy efficiency interventions. Measures could include insulation, draughtproofing, heating repairs and a range of other specified products as required by the household.

NEA grant with GAP funding
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Published on 24-08-2017
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