Heated seat covers, North Lincolnshire (CP1031) (Report combined with CP1023)

Lead agency Yorkshire Energy Services (CIC) (trading as YES Energy Solutions)
Other partners North Lincolnshire Council, HomeGlow Products
Project summary

The B-Warm seat cover looks to provide a low cost, low energy solution to improve the lives of vulnerable householders.  The project partners will distribute 100 heated seat covers to low-income and vulnerable householders in North and North East Lincolnshire.  Whilst whole-house heating is the ultimate objective in any home heating regime, low-income and vulnerable people often cannot achieve this for several reasons, and consequently live in cold uncomfortable conditions, and are often unable to afford to heat their properties adequately.  This can result in poor physical and mental health.  The B-Warm heated seat cover fits on armchairs, and allows the main heating system thermostat to potentially be reduced whilst keeping the householder feeling warm and comfortable.   Other benefits according to the manufacturer include low running costs, improved emotional well-being, relief of general aches and pains and fewer accidents due to improved mobility.

Evaluation Methodology

NEA will evaluate the effectiveness of the B-Warm heated seat cover by assessing any reduction in energy  bills and increased comfort levels for users.  This will be determined by home interviews, prior energy bills, and a record of utility meter readings.  A small plug-in energy logger will be used to quantify energy usage from the B-Warm seat cover and the temperature of the living room will be recorded using a thermal logger.

Project Outcomes

This project will establish whether use of the B-Warm heated seat cover can allow vulnerable residents to reduce the overall temperature of their home and lower their energy bills.  It will also assess whether comfort levels for residents are maintained at lower household temperatures while using the heated seat cover and if there are any added health benefits from the product.

Region in which project will be delivered Yorkshire and the Humber
Local Authority areas(s) / key locations in which project will be delivered North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire
Details of technologies being trialled (for Technical Innovation Fund only) B-Warm heated seat cover, Homeglow Products
Eligible households assisted
NEA grant with gap funding Match Total
100 100
Project report can be downloaded here
Published on 23-04-2018
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