Lead Partner:

Dudley Home Improvement Service

Other Partners:

Dudley Group of Hospitals cardiology department, Action Heart

Project Summary:

Dudley’s Keep Warm Keep Well hospital discharge service worked in partnership with Dudley Group of Hospitals’ cardiology department, Action Heart cardiac rehabilitation programme and Dudley Council’s Keep Warm Keep Well winter warmth support service. The aim of the partnership was to promote the importance of living healthily in a warm home and empowering residents to make adjustments to their lifestyle helping them to live independently and reduce the number of GP visits, hospital admissions and readmissions and excess winter deaths.

During the discharge procedure, patients who had suffered a cardiac or cardiovascular health problem were referred to Action Heart (for healthy lifestyle advice) and also to the Keep Warm Keep Well winter warmth support service.

All patients referred to the Keep Warm Keep Well service were offered a home visit to provide a personalised service based on the resident’s home and tailored to their lifestyle and health conditions.  Advisers would:

  • investigate the physical aspect of the property e.g. insulation and heating systems, their age and condition;
  • investigate the behaviour of the resident, providing energy saving tips and advising on the most efficient way to use their heating systems;
  • assist with accessing funding for large and small scale measures e.g. boilers, fires, draught proofing, heating controls and thermostats;
  • assist with maximising a household’s income by switching tariffs/suppliers, applying for discounts and benefits and managing debt.
Region in which project will be delivered:

West Midlands

Local authority area/key locations in which project will be delivered:

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Measures installed:

A grant of up to £500 per eligible household was used to provide low cost energy efficiency interventions. Measures could include insulation, draughtproofing, heating repairs and a range of other specified products as required by the household.

NEA grant with GAP funding
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Published on 12-10-2016
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