External wall insulation on park homes in North Lincolnshire (CP784 report combined with CP783)

Lead partner: Yorkshire Energy Services CIC (trading as YES Energy Solutions)
Other partners: North Lincolnshire Council
Project summary: There are thousands of residents living in Park Homes that struggle to keep on top of their fuel bills.  This is mainly because many of these properties are off the mains gas network and have little or no insulation to reduce heat loss. This project will install external wall insulation (EWI) on 22 Park Home properties in two Park Home sites in North Lincolnshire.  One of the Park Home sites is privately owned, while the second is owned by North Lincolnshire Council.

‘NEA funded programmes where we believed the park home insulation systems met the robust standards set out by Ofgem for current energy efficiency schemes such as ECO


The project will be managed by YES Energy Solutions and will use two different Ofgem-accredited EWI technologies.  The Parextherm Acrylic render system and Alumasc Swisslab EWI system both use expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation and have a textured render surface.  The project will provide a useful assessment of the benefits of EWI for Park Homes.  Residents will benefit from reduced fuel bills and greater comfort levels, while their properties will see an improved energy efficiency (SAP) rating.

Evaluation methodology: Both types of EWI technologies used expanded polystyrene insulation and are likely to have similar thermal performance.  The evaluation will focus on just the Parextherm system which was installed at one of the Park Home sites. Interviews will be conducted with a sample of properties to capture behaviours and previous energy expenditure. These will be repeated at the end of the project to assess satisfaction with the upgrade to the property. Energy consumption will be assessed by meter readings and energy logbooks, while the temperature and humidity will be logged using recognised calibrated standalone devices.  Monitoring will take place over the winter heating period of 2016-17.
Project outcomes:
  • NEA is interested in this project as Park Homes have poor levels of energy efficiency, leaving their residents at risk of fuel poverty. This project will demonstrate the benefits of Ofgem-approved Park Home insulation systems.
  • Data will be collected on installation time, ease of fitting and thoughts and views of residents.
  • It will assess the impact the insulation upgrade has on residents’ fuel bills and well-being.
  • The project will provide additional data to another study looking at the performance of different EWI systems for Park Homes.   The overall results will provide guidance on which systems result in the greatest energy savings and are most favourable with residents.  This will provide a blueprint for more widespread energy efficiency upgrades to Park Homes.
Delivery region: Yorkshire and Humber
Local authority/key location delivery area: North Lincolnshire
Technologies being trialled: Parextherm Acrylic render system


NEA grant with gap funding 22
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Project report can be downloaded here
Published on 23-04-2018
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