Bath & North East Somerset Energy at Home Partership

Lead Partner:

Bath and North East Somerset Council

Other Partners:

Sirona Care and Health, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), Eco Residential, WE Care & Repair (WE C&R)

Project Summary:

The Energy at Home scheme provided an advice, assessment and energy efficiency installation programme for all Bath and North East Somerset residents. Two contractors delivered this service: the Centre for Sustainable Energy who provided advice and Dyson Home Energy Services, the delivery partner. By working closely with health professionals, the service targeted those at risk of fuel poverty and cold related illness to deliver affordable warmth measures.

Eligible households come to Energy at Home through several routes:

  • referrals directly from health professionals;
  • the Energy at Home advice service;
  • targeted marketing at households identified as potentially eligible for grants by segmenting existing local authority and customer data to generate modelled Lower Super Output areas and postcode areas;
  • referral from frontline agencies or community groups via the Energy at Home website.

The Energy at Home advice service provided free advice on all fuel poverty and energy related issues and discussed potentially suitable measures and grants. Individuals likely to be eligible were flagged before referral to housing services and Dyson Home Energy Services who arranged an EPC assessment. An environmental health officer (EHO) then visited the resident to assess eligibility for the grant or other assistance, and identify and address excess cold and other housing hazards. The EHO would agree with the householder how to proceed and, where eligible, the contractor delivered energy efficiency improvements. Following installation a further advice visit was undertaken by an EHO to ensure that households fully benefit from the works delivered.

Delivery region:

South West

Local authority/key location delivery area:

Bath and East Somerset

Details of measures installed: 

Eligible individuals benefited from heating and/or insulation measures as required.

NEA grant with GAP funding
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Published on 10-02-2017
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