Heat Heroes 19-20

Heat Heroes nominations are now open!

NEA is working with SGN, Cadent, Northern Gas Networks and Wales and West Utilities to deliver the Heat Heroes awards, which will recognise the effort and impact of individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to tackling fuel poverty.

Nominations are open to people working for any type of organisation based in England, Wales and Scotland. There will be a focus on awarding those who can demonstrate the greatest results, outcomes and impacts.

Following judging, the Heat Heroes and their nominees will be invited to receive their awards at a lunchtime reception being run in conjunction with the All Party Parliamentary Fuel Poverty & Energy Efficiency Group in the House of Commons. Representatives from the four Gas Distribution Networks will present awards, and the relevant constituency MPs will also be invited.

You can nominate your hero below by filling in the form online or by downloading an application form here and sending it to michael.potter@nea.org.uk.

(Photo of Heat Heroes 2018-19)


Launch of scheme: 9 September

Close of scheme: 25 October

Late November – early December: NEA will inform winners of success and confirm attendance at celebration event

Heat Heroes receive their awards: 29 January 13:00 – 15:00

Judging criteria and process

Heat Heroes Awards 19-20

Nominate someone you know for recognition!
  • Try to include: description of role and relevant responsibilities, achievements over the past two years, including details of positive impacts/outcomes/difference where that individual has made a significant contribution (Use specific examples e.g in their community or at strategic level); Anything else you'd like to include (e.g. significant outcomes)

To make the judging process manageable, all information must be included in the form – no supplementary documents.

As far as possible the award will be made on individual merit rather than the efforts of the project/organisation as a whole, and the judges will take into account the size of the organisation and resources available to the nominee when comparing applications.



Published on 30-08-2019
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