Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

NEA believes everybody in the UK should be able to live in a warm and safe home. This may be self-indulgent but after over 35 years having a decent go at it, it’s pretty disheartening when thousands of people still die or get sick needlessly because they don’t.

In total, across then UK last winter there were approximately 17,000 deaths due to cold housing conditions, almost twice as many as the previous winter and winter mortality was the highest since 1976. Beyond highlighting the scale of this misery, the real tragedy is we all know the solutions; improve access to cheaper tariffs, provide energy and debt advice, introduce more ambitious local and national energy efficiency policies and link them to wider related services. We all know this can help save and change lives.

So far today thousands of organisations, politicians and members of the public have showed they share our vision and are delivering on the strong commitment to make fuel poverty history. It is days like this that keep us going and reaffirm that one day everyone in the UK really will be able to live in a warm, safe home.

For info on Fuel Poverty Awareness Day : https://lnkd.in/gdm_N7T

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